About my NFT Artworks

This is my first NFT Collection:


It is a very exciting story around the world, the space, the whole universum.

Don't forget: 
this is the first episode, it's just the beginning..... 

Episode 1.,

The Journey begins​:
The Time Travelers (the two main characters) are already at the train station and talking:

"-Come on my Darling! We have to go. 
The NFT World is waiting for us.

-Oh Yeah! Hello! OK! Let's GO!"

Episode 2.,

The Time Travelers with friends into the Bitcoin World.

"-Are you ready? GLOW!"

Come with me, come with us, let be surprised! 
Have fun!

My digital artwork style is:

absolutely colorful, contemporary, modern, somewhat "luxurious", abstract and richly patterned.

I am a maximalist and perfectionist. When I work, I want to get the best, most perfect out of everything I make and design, even if it often takes much longer.

My art is an explosion of wonderful colors, shapes, compositions and textures to create unmistakable, admirable, absolutely rare, original, modern art, works of art that blow us away.

My art is an assimilation of my life experiences, bringing together rich imagination and associations to create vibrant and bold contemporary images, people, faces and non-traditional portraits rendered in bright bold colors, unique subjects and details.

Through my artwork I weave an imaginative, original, story of people, eras, time and human relationship to the universe and earth, nature and its diverse inhabitants. 

I create a special art, unique artworks, and wonderful images that is a reflection of me, my soul and the world.

Judit Bánszegi
Digital Artist
2023, Vienna, Vienna
All Rights Reserved.

About me

This is my first Self-portrait:
Judit Bánszegi

Born in 1977 in Hungary. Based in Vienna. Since 2007 active in the art market as photograph, graphic- & web designer, digital artist.  
The ART is my LIFE. 
I have some unique NFT artworks for you :)

Welcome Dear NFT-Collectors and NFT-Lovers!

More about me:

My Username:
on Twitter:  Judette999
on Rarible: ArtLover36

My Name is Judit Bánszegi. I´m from Hungary, living and working in Austria, in Vienna, ​who does a variety of beautiful unique NFT ARTworks. 

I come from an hungarian artistically very talented family.
My mother was a ​extremely precise technical draftswoman.
My father was a "born artist". Besides his job as a civil engineer, he drew beautifully, painted, was a passionate photographer, played guitar and still wrote interesting texts and stories.​ He spoke perfect German and worked in Germany for a long time. I learned a lot from them, ​I am also very versatile ​and very grateful for everything. ​​I speak perfect Hungarian and German. 

Where else did I study?

In Hungary ​5 years technical education:
electric machine and equipment technician
2 years business school: 
marketing and advertising assistand & manager, plus foreign trade
2 years graphic school: digital media, printing and media technology at the GRAPHISCHE Höhere Lehranstalt in Vienna
HTML, Webdesign and SEO in Vienna
Many years: professional photography at by my best friend, -​the famous Hollywood photographer-,  Martin Szipál in Budapest. 

Since 2007 I´m working in Vienna as photograph​, as graphic- and web designer (specialized in art and antiques), ​for art and antique dealers.

My love for art is unstoppable, it is even getting stronger.
www.kunstwerbung.at is my first German Website. 
My English Website coming soon.

Judit Bánszegi
Digital Artist
2023, Vienna, ​austria,
All Rights Reserved.